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This fan-made recap video takes you through the Alternate Reality Game we made for Alien Theory, where players across the globe had the opportunity to discover and solve a complex variety of puzzles, secrets, and mysteries in real life that tied into the movie.


The game’s storyline in part follows a prequel story about two of the movie’s supporting characters, Ollie (Nevin Millan) and Plug (Michael A. Smith) who battle to control secrets being released by “The Snitch,” an enemy of the evil company that wipes people’s minds in Alien Theory.


Winners of the game solved a string of clues that culminated in a treasure hunt that gave them … well it’s best not to spoil it here.

This video takes you through the whole thing and answers most questions without you having to play, which, thanks to this super fan, is almost as fun as the game itself!

Alternate Reality Game Alien Theory.png
Screen shot AUS.png
AT Gen Con PRINT 1.tif
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