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TEMP Blackstone cover_edited.jpg
TEMP Blackstone cover

After a botched Air Force One robbery, the modern-day pirate Blackstone Jack is forced by the US government to try to steal a new and mysterious power source from a volcano island protected by a boobie-trapped labyrinth and a native tribe that’s unlike any other in history.


Jack will do anything until he gets caught. He’s a world-famous, anything goes thief for-hire, but after he’s double-crossed while breaking onto Air Force One  -midflight – he gets caught and arrested for treason. He’ll spend the rest of his life locked away from the sun.


There’s a mysterious island that several countries lay claim to, but none have tried to end the dispute because the island isn’t just unimportant and uninteresting, it’s also inhabited by a dangerous tribe of headhunters who kill anyone who comes ashore. No one wants the place – until one day a power source unlike anything anyone has ever seen is discovered by a satellite. A blast of light from the island destroys that satellite with pinpoint precision, and suddenly governments all over the world want to know what kind of secret these alleged headhunters are keeping.


Jack is offered his freedom if he leads a small team to the island to find and steal the power source, but he must race to do so before competing international teams of world-renowned thieves and explorers beat him to it. One of the members assigned to his group is the man who betrayed him and got him arrested, and Jack won’t just have to find a way to get along, but he’ll have to deal with his own, often immature,

sensibilities. He might be a swashbuckling adventurer, but he has some growing up to do.


When Jack and his team get captured on the island, they discover that the leader of the headhunters is a brilliant little girl, and these natives are anything but unsophisticated. The headhunter routine is a rouse to fool the outside world. These people have advanced tech, a special way of life, and a power source they will do anything to protect because how it’s used, and by whom, affects more than the outside world could ever imagine. The labyrinth they built around it, and the volcano they mean to control, are just the tip of what these people are capable of. And they win Jack over.


Jack’s mission to steal becomes a mission to protect. Competing teams of treasure-hunting thieves and killers mean to score the secrets of the island, not just for the reward, but for the glory of beating the most legendary pirate and thief of all time: Blackstone Jack.


Because of this power source and the terrible secret connected to it, billions of lives depend on Jack coming through. He’ll have to outdo more than himself this time; he’ll have to outdo the exaggerated legends about himself to even come close to pulling this off.

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