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Children of the Storm cover_edited_edited.jpg
Children of the Storm cover

A freak storm rains vicious predatory monsters that can only be seen in reflections. While the adults prove to be worse than useless and even dangerous, several children come up with a scheme to stop the storm.


At summer camp, a combative collection of Boy Scouts becomes the first to face a shocking event out of a horror film: a bizarre storm mysteriously appears over the forest one night and spins above their camp. This otherworldly tempest moves in a way that no normal storm should: willfully.


Predatory monsters that can only be seen in reflections rain down to earth wherever the storm goes. They bite and paralyze their victims before feeding on them and prey upon everything that moves. The storm soon races its way to suburbia and into the city, leaving chaos and few survivors in its wake.


The mayhem brings one of the Scouts together with other young survivors from different parts of town, and these kids, who would never have met otherwise, become fast friends as they come to believe they can survive—or even stop—the storm. But first they must outwit dangerous adults who would rather hurt them than follow them. Invisible monsters are not the only things that kill.

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