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A traveling salesman gets a flat tire and an incredibly evil spirt, that’s a bit like a cow, tries to capture him.

Hahn Notes

One weekend, two of us went out to grab some pickup shots for Enemy Empire, but the locations we needed to match the movie were overrun with an impromptu bike race and we couldn’t get near. So, we spent 9 hours making this little short film down the road instead. It wasn’t part of a 48-hour film festival, but all told it probably took less than 48 hours to make, from “Hey, grab that cow mask” to “Done!” 


It’s weird, goofy, and unsettling. Definitely not the kind of experience you’d want in real life if you got stranded in the desert – so if you have a long, dusty drive ahead of you, go ahead and watch this first. Alone. In the dark. Then get driving.

PYE 3 - Dave looking.png
PYE 4 - Dave with club.png
PYE 5 - Dave with phone.png
PYE 7 - cow mirror.png
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