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Trespassing campers run into a wild conservationist who takes his love for nature, peace, and quiet just a bit too brutally, mortally, insanely, twistedly far.

Hahn Notes

The idea for this one came out asking how much story we could create using just a few actors and a stick in the middle of the woods. Alfred Hitchcock suspense was an instant inspiration, and we went for fear without gore. We didn’t have any gear except a tripod, so all of the “crane shots” are just the director standing on scaffolding and moving his body with the camera very carefully. The aspect ratio changes back and forth to give a sense of vertigo in the “tree scenes,” and the effect is meant to be reminiscent of the IMAX format that certain big movies switch to for massive scenes. The short isn’t rated, but it would probably fit into a PG-13 if it was. However, from some reason, some people get really frightened by this movie so please watch out if that’s you. One time, three audience members at a screening got so freaked out that they – true story – convinced themselves the director was a completely different person from another state whom they researched and came to believe had somehow changed ethnicities and escaped from prison … to make deeply and inexcusably horrifying films. So, that was a pretty weird reaction – but welcome feedback on the movie’s effectiveness!

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